Our Practice

Our practice has three main focuses:

Commercial Practice

The Commercial Practice handles matters relating to IPOs and international offerings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate fund raising, company restructuring, post-listing compliance of rules and regulations relating to securities, and general commercial transactions. (click to see details)

Conveyancing Practice

The Conveyancing Practice handles sale and purchase of properties and general tenancy matters. (click to see details)

Litigation Practice

The Litigation Practice handles matters involving contractual and commercial dispute resolution, tenancy dispute, security enforcement, shareholders dispute and breach of securities legislation, rules and regulations. (click to see details)

In practice, the Commercial Practice, the Conveyancing Practice and the Litigation Practice collaborate closely in appropriate matters (particularly matters relating to IPO cases). We communicate with our clients directly which enables clients to benefit from the expertise in both disciplines.

Our firm has also established working relationship with many law firms in Mainland China and overseas, allowing all cross border to receive appropriate advice and attention.

Many of our clients are sizable listed companies in Hong Kong with considerable investments in China. Many have longstanding relationship with the lawyers and our firm. We expect all new clients to appreciate the standard of service we offered and to remain with us for a long term basis.